Why I Chose Rosemont: Art Student Edition

When I was a Senior in high school, I knew I wanted to major in graphic design. I considered myself lucky to have that figured out; there are a lot of people who go into college-hunting completely clueless about what they want to do. However, although I felt like I had a huge advantage, that didn’t mean my search was as easy as I thought it was going to be. In fact, I was more picky than I probably would have been if I didn’t know my major. 

My initial instinct when choosing a college was that I wanted to jump straight into art; I spent most of high school taking classes that didn’t relate to what I wanted to do with my future and I wanted that to change completely. So, I was mainly focused on finding a school where I wasn’t required to take any General Education courses. Because of that, I almost overlooked applying to any liberal arts schools at all. Little did I know then that Rosemont was waiting for me and would change my life. 

I found Rosemont College by doing a general search of schools in my area offering BFA degrees. I initially dismissed it at first, still in that small mindset of needing to bypass those General Education classes. Before I knew it, a few months went by and as I had slowly been narrowing down my top criteria for a college, Rosemont was right there, in my top two. I had to change my perception completely and open my mind to things I wasn’t too excited about, but I after all this time, I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

The thing that ultimately convinced me to choose Rosemont was it’s numbers. I had to realize that one of the most important things in a college is connections, and being able to receive viable and helpful feedback from professors and advisers. Because of how small Rosemont was, I had hoped that those smaller classes would allow for more time and focus from my professors, and I was right. Every single professor I have had at this school, art or not, has always been willing to help me individually. The art department at Rosemont in particular is nothing like I have ever seen before at a college; each and every member of faculty in this department has been willing to go above and beyond to give me constructive feedback, help see my art succeed, and encouraged me to find my own style and what works for me. From day one, I have felt so welcomed at Rosemont. Most times, it feels more like a second home, I feel completely comfortable going to a professor for extra help or with any questions or concerns. It may not have been the college I envisioned myself choosing, but I can say with confidence I am glad I gave it a chance and it turned out to be one of the best decisions I have ever made. 

Choosing Rosemont did mean I needed to take those basic English and Science courses I was so desperately avoiding. However, I had no idea how flexible your schedule in college can actually be and how much control you have over it. I thought for the first two years I’d be stuck in high school all over again, taking these courses that didn’t apply to my major. I was beyond wrong. Along with being able to take those art courses I wanted, I was also immediately introduced to art clubs and Rosemont’s art department faculty, who care so much about you and your experience here at Rosemont. They understood my concerns, and helped me become involved and welcomed me to talk with them at any time I needed. I truly do feel like I belong at Rosemont as an art student, and I am so happy with where this school has guided me these past few years and the path they still have ahead for me.

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