What I Learned at Rosemont

By Bri Woods

March 21, 2021

1:25 p.m.

“Zuria, Character Design “ by Brijhae Woods, found in the Senior Gallery Show Class of 2021

Being a transfer student at Rosemont College has been one of the most memorable and thankful decisions I will have ever made, because I wish I could have stayed longer. Looking back at my last two years of college, I was a commuter who knew nothing of what to expect from a 4-year college and who I was going to be afterwards. To my surprise, my passion for art was thriving at the college and learned a lot about who I am.

Aside from College life, going to Rosemont was eye-opening, refreshing, and high spirited. When I think about all the times I spent working toward my Bachelors degree, I kind of sit back and wonder, what did I learn from Rosemont College? 

  1. How to Make Connections

I definitely can say that having connections throughout your time in college can put you in a good spotlight toward your future goals. I’ve always been very distant and afraid to reach out, but Rosemont has shown me that there is always someone on campus ready to lend a hand and get you where you need to be, in terms of career paths. Even through the pandemic, students are made the top priority and the main focus, which really showed me that this is where I need to be if I want to accomplish my goals.

  1. How to Manage My Time

Honestly, I have never been the type of student to get a homework assignment in before the due date. I couldn’t say that the college changed my bad habits, however I did learn that in order for you to succeed, you have to discipline yourself when the time comes. What helped me learn time management was the fact that when you have a deadline, there is no room for extensions because the workload is just going to pile up. The more work you leave aside, the more work you’re going to have to do on your given free time. I also learned that I wasn’t being misunderstood or judged for my late homework assignments, instead I was being acknowledged and was able to compromise with my professors.

  1. The Advantage of a Small College

Going to a scaled-down college might seem like a less social environment, but it’s actually quite the opposite. I learned that going to a smaller college really helps you get the most attention and gain a lot more knowledge than a class filled with 500 students with one professor. Also, I learned that there were a lot of new skill sets that were boosted throughout my time at Rosemont such as collaboration, communication and adaptability.

With open arms, Rosemont gave me many opportunities that taught me how to take risks that would benefit me in the future.There are so many more things I learned from Rosemont College and it’s hard to pinpoint just a few lessons. All things considered, it was all worth the experience.

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