studio art & design

The accumulation of all current Studio Art & Design courses at Rosemont College.

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Course Number Course Title Credits
ARS 0100Drawing I3
ARS 0101Visual Fundamentals I3
ARS 0120Digital Photography 3
ARS 0200Drawing II3
ARS 0201Visual Fundamentals II3
ARS 0205 Painting I3
ARS 0215Ceramics I3
ARS 0230Papermaking3
ARS 0250Computer Graphics I3
ARS 0255Typography 3
ARS 0260Printmaking I3
ARS 0270Sculpture I3
ARS 0275Graphic Design I3
ARS 0282Illustration 3
ARS 0295Options in Art3
ARS 0300Drawing III3
ARS 0305Painting II3
ARS 0350Computer Graphics II3
ARS 0360Printmaking II3
ARS 0370Multimedia 3
ARS 0375Graphic Design II3
ARS 0405Painting III3
ARS 0492Senior Seminar Project I3
ARS 0497Senior Seminar Project II3

Rosemont College 2019-2020 Academic Catalog