History of art

The accumulation of all current History of Art courses at Rosemont College.

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Course NumberCourse Title Credits
ARH 0175History of Art I3
ARH 0176History of Art II3
ARH 0177History of Art I Enrichment 1
ARH 0178History of Art II Enrichment 1
ARH H175Honors History of Art I3
ARH H176Honors History of Art II3
ARH H177Honors History of Art I Enrichment 1
ARH H178Honors History of Art II Enrichment 1
ARH 0230Art of the Ancient Word: Greece & Rome3
ARH 0231Painted Ladies: Women of the Ancient World3
ARH 0232The Age of Dragons: Art of the Middle Ages3
ARH 0235 The Arts of Death: Portrait, Icon, and Photograph 3
ARH 0237The Devil Made Me Do It: The Art of Sin, Faith, and Pilgrimage3
ARH 0255Art of the Italian Renaissance 3
ARH 0256Antiquity and the Italian Renaissance 3
ARH 0260Art of the Northern Renaissance 3
ARH 0265The Birth of the Modern: Mannerism3
ARH 0275American Art3
ARH 0279Body Art: Tattooing, Piercing, and Their Ritual Meanings3
ARH 0280The Art of Asia: China and Japan3
ARH 0282Art of Asia, India, and Islam3
ARH 0285Art of the Native American3
ARH 0286The Arts of Africa3
ARH 0288Art and the African-American Woman3
ARH 0289The Exotic Other: Imaging Race in Western Art 3
ARH 0297History of Photography 3
ARH 0299The Art of Ireland: From Prehistoric to the Twelfth-Century3
ARH 0308From Revolution to Modernism: Art in Europe, 1789-18893
ARH 0309Twentieth-Century Painting and Sculpture3
ARH 0310Pop Art I: Andy Warhol, Marilyn Monroe, and the Commercialization of Beauty3
ARH 0311Pop Art II: Star Power, Coca Cola, and Mass Culture3
ARH 0325The Moving Image: A History of the Film 3
ARH 0328Film and Politics3
ARH 0331Scream Queens: Women, Violence, and the Hollywood Horror Film 3
ARH 0335Women and Film 3
ARH 0350Women and Art 3
ARH 0352Guerilla Girls: Feminist Art Since 19703
ARH 0355Sleeping Beauties: The Nude in Nineteenth and Twentieth-Century Visual Culture 3
ARH 0370Sisters in Art: Representation Versus Reality 3
ARH H375Honors Seminar: The Arts of Egypt and North Africa-- From the Ancients Through Early Christmas3
ARH 0390In Your Face: Issues in Contemporary Art Since 19453
ARH 0400German Expressionism, Dada, and Surrealism 3
ARH 0470Art Historical Research and Methodology 3
ARH 0475History of Art Criticism 3
ARH 0480Internship in the History of Art0-3

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