Student Internship | Fall 2020

During the Fall semester of 2020, two students are Interns for the Art Department here at Rosemont College. That would be myself, and Brijhae Woods. Bri is a Senior and I am a Junior, but we are both majoring in Graphic Design. When I saw the opportunity to intern at my own school, I was super excited! As a Junior, now is really the time I was starting to worry about finding an internship, and with Covid-19 and all of the social distancing that came with it, I became rather worried and stressed about how limited my options were. One day, I was discussing course options for the upcoming semester with my major advisor, Maggie, when she mentioned wanting me for this internship and I immediately knew this was meant to be. I was dying for some real life experience with Graphic Design, and this was my chance!

So, you might be wondering what an internship with my own school might entail? Because I am familiar with a lot of the faculty here, is it just more like a class rather than an employer/employee feeling? Surprisingly, not at all. It very much feels professional and mimics what a job would be like. For this internship, Bri and I are to work together to build the website that you’re reading this on. The basic layout was already there, so our job is to build and make it whole. We have complete control over logos, layouts, themes, posts, and more! Each week, we have an online meeting with the person who is responsible for the interns to discuss objectives for the upcoming week. We ask questions, take notes and bounce ideas off each other. It’s very much a “create something, get feedback, tweak it, repeat” process. Throughout these 15 weeks, we will eventually create logos, pages, blog posts, fliers, and even manage social media pages. As for our work and how we are assessed, it isn’t graded like it would be in a class, in fact, we don’t even get a grade at all. Our work is based on hours, and that is how we earn our credits. For each week, we are required to spend 8-10 hours on our work for this internship, so by the end of the 15-week semester, we have put in a total of around 120 hours.

Even though the faculty we are working with has been our professors before, being under them in an internship is so different. Instead of being handed assignments, you are given control and trust. Instead of being given instructions and grades, you are given creative liberty and partnership. It is an amazing eye-opener to be able to be an intern for the Art Department and to feel like more than just a student. To any students in the art field, don’t hesitate to reach out to Maggie Hobson-Baker about possible opportunities for internships in the future with Rosemont’s Art Department, it’s an amazing opportunity right at your own school and it’s a great way to gain some experience (as well as credits)!

Bri, Maggie, & I on Zoom together looking at our design and theme options for creating a website with WordPress.

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