art therapy prep, ba

Required courses for a student with the Art Therapy Prep major.

Course NumberCourse TitleCredit
Required Courses
ARS-0100Drawing I3
ARS-0101Visual Fundamentals3
ARS-0110Introduction to Studio Technique3
ARS-0201Visual Fundamentals3
ARS-0205Painting I3
ARS-0250Computer Graphics I3
ARS-0260Printmaking I3
ARS-0295Options in Art3
ARS-0360Printmaking II3
One 3-D course which can include : Ceramics, Sculpture, Papermaking, Multi-media, special projects3
Studio Art Elective (Type Course Title)3
ARS-0492Senior Project Seminar I3
ARS-0497Senior Project Seminar II3
History of Art
ARH-0715History of Art I3
ARH-0177History of Art I Enrichment1
ARH-0176History of Art II3
ARH-0178History of Art II Enrichment1
History of Art Elective (Type Course Title)3
History of Art Elective, non-western (Type Course Title)3
Psychology Requirements
PSY-0200Developmental Psychology3
PSY-0340Psychology of Personality3
PSY-0380Abnormal Psychology3
PSY-0410Theories of Counseling3
Psychology Elective (Type Course Title)